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Title:10 GERMAN PHRASES Every Traveler Should Know! (Basic German)

Hallo!! Here is a list of our Top 10 Useful #GermanPhrases that every traveler should know! #BasicGerman We have been traveling around Phil's home country, Germany! Deana does not speak German and quickly found some phrases in German that were very helpful. Hope this helps with your future travels! Below is the 10 Categories & Phrases discussed in this video: 1. Basics - Yes, No 2. Greetings & Goodbyes - Hello, Good Morning, Good Day, Goodbye, Bye, Farewell 3. Manners - Excuse Me, Thank You, Please, You're Welcome, No Problem 4. Do you speak _______? - Do you speak English? 5. I don't speak ________. - I don't speak English/German. 6. Where is the ________? - Where is the toilet/airport/this address? 7. Ordering Food - I would like to have _______. 8. Buying Things - How much does this cost?, How expensive is this? 9. Numbers 1-10 10. Common Phrases - Exactly, What's Up, Very Good, What? Bonus Round: @ 10:34 Essential Phrases Page: @ 12:10 with the most useful phrases in German & English. **Disclosure: We use the German and American flags because these are the countries we are from. We know that there are other countries that speak German and English and we mean no offense in excluding those flags. :) ► If you like #GermanFood, check out our video Trying Mettbrötchen (AKA RAW PORK): ✔ If you enjoyed our video, please SUBSCRIBE here: ___________________________ DEANA AND PHIL STUFF ► Facebook: @deanaandphil ( DEANA’S STUFF ► Instagram: @deanasdetours ( YouTube: Deana's Detours ( PHIL’S STUFF ► Instagram: @phil_299 ( YouTube Channel: Phil TV ( ______________________________ MUSIC CREDIT ► Goldfish - Soundtracks And Come Backs Manic Polka by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: ______________________________ #GermanLanguage #LearnGerman


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