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Title:Why your Woodland Photos DON'T WORK

Woodland Photography is really difficult, but remembering this simple advice will really help you start to take better woodland images. Saal Digital (50% OFF) - My Masterclass 50% OFF Black Friday - Get my ebook here - Spirit of Luskentyre Book - Seascapes Book - Sign up for my FREE newsletter here - A massive thanks to Rick for the help with filming and editing this video - Where I get my AWESOME MUSIC - Kase Filters (my fav filters) - | And use code NIGEL for 5% off Instagram (follow my daily stories) - NIKON GEAR (Main STILLS camera) Current landscape camera - Nikon Z7 - Awesome telephoto lens - Nikon 70-200m f/2.8 - Great ultra-wide angle lens - Nikon 14-30mm f/4 - Hiking mid lens - Nikon 24-70mm Z f4 - Sharpest mid lens - Nikon 24-70mm Z f2.8 Very long lens - Nikon 500mm F5.6 - FILM GEAR AWESOME DRONE - Nikon Z6 - Nikon 20mm Z F1.8 - Nikon 24mm Z F1.8 - Nikon 50mm Z F1.8 - Nikon 85mm Z F1.8 - OTHER PHOTO GEAR Clever camera strap (peak design) - Microfibre Cloths - Rab Downpour Pants - Awesome sensor brush - GorillaPod - The great printer I use Canon P1000 - Great bag for hiking - Tenba 24L - Great bag for travel (carry on) - Tenba 32L - Super light Benro Travel Tripod UK - A must have for tripod (L bracket) - Lightweight tripod - Benro Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod - Paper I use for all my prints - Fotospeed - Use DANSON10 to get 10% off your paper.


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