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Title:What is "SE" in Spanish?-- Learn EVERYTHING about "SE"

Learn the 6 most important scenarios where “se” is used in Spanish. I will teach you all the uses of this word. You will learn why and where to place the word “se”. The word “se” is amongst the most difficult subjects in Spanish because the rules are somewhat ambiguous... but not impossible to master. In this video, I will teach you how we use “se”, where we use “se”, when we use “se”, and why we use “se” in Spanish. So learn with me and let's conquer together a difficult topic by approaching it in a practical, simple, and useful way. Take the bull by the horns! Would you like to donate so I can work on more videos? You can donate at: Or through PayPal: If you decide to donate, thank you so much. Thank you for making it possible for me to keep making Spanish videos for whoever wants to learn Spanish. Watch more of my videos if you are binging today: B & V IN SPANISH: THE VERB “TO GO” IN SPANISH: GIVING YOUR PERSONAL INFO IN SPANISH: TOP QUESTIONS THAT YOU MUST KNOW IN SPANISH: Watch more videos with me, Ana. I have made videos about: Spanish alphabet Spanish letters and sounds Spanish numbers Spanish verbs Spanish tenses Spanish grammar, vocabulary and more, much more. Just go to my channel to see everything. #ButterflySpanish #LearnSpanish #SpanishGrammar


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