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Title:The Honest BJP Report Card (Analysed with Stats): Were the Promises Fulfilled?

If you run a Business, Odoo is a no brainer: ⭐️ Think School’s flagship Communication course with an exclusive workshop on Chat GPT included: VIDEO INTRODUCTION: 2024 is a big deal for India. The general election month is coming closer, political parties are pouring a ton of money into marketing, narrative building, blame games and allegations! But amidst all this chaos, How do we, as voters, really measure the performance of a political party? In this case for 2024, how do you analyse the performance of BJP?? Because BJP or in general every ruling party has a very bipolar opinion!! While the opposition says that the govt has failed India on the other side, BJP claims to be taking India on the path to becoming an economic superpower!! So the question is, Has the promise of acche din actually fulfilled? To find the answer to these questions, we went through countless reports and stats, and analysed the entire manifesto of BJP to look at every single promise they made in writing so that we can give you an unbiased picture about how did BJP perform as compared to the UPA era! So in this episode today, I am going go deep into the question and finding the answers to 4 most important questions. What exactly did the BJP promise in their 2019 manifesto with the hope of ache din for Indians? How many of their promises have been really fulfilled? What are the promises they haven't delivered on? Are things getting better or worse economically compared to UPA? Note: The document sheet which we have attached contains only the status of promises which are quantifiable in nature. Think School is a Digital School that we all deserved, but never had ►►Check out Think School's Online courses: ⬇️Our Top 2022 Playlist Geopolitics: India is Trapping China - Oil Giants Crushing Europe - Israel’s Secret Strategies - China vs India Military Strategy in Ladakh - Upcoming US Recession Affects Indian Economy - Best of Business: 1. Asian paints - 2. Amul - 3. Haldiram - 4. Malboro - 5. Lijjat Papad - ►Books Everyone should read: 1. Sapiens: 2.Jab Jab Jab Right Hook: 3.Presuasion: 4.Start with why: 5. Culture code: 6. Hooked: 7. I will teach you to be rich: 8. From Third world to First: 9. This is Marketing: 🎧 Want to buy the equipment we use? 1. Our Laptop: 2. Our Mic: 3. Camera Stand: 4. Mobile holder for stand: 5. Laptop: ✅Study Materials: Quantifiable Promises tracker document: ✅To support our work you can donate here: #BJP #BJPreportcard #BJPvsCongress #thinkschool #businesscasestudy #geopolitics


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