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Title:8 Ways to Apply Underglazes - Don't OVERlook UNDERglaze!

Whoa to the downtrodden many times misunderstood and forgotten. In this relaxing pottery video Ann demonstrates 8 Ways to Apply Underglazes in hopes of inspiring a renaissance. What the heck am I talking about? I don't know, nobody reads the descriptions anyway. If you would like to learn Ann's underglaze painting, glazing, and decorating process then check out Ann's Video Workshop Series. These workshops are very detailed (typically 1.5 - 2 hours in length) where Ann provides step by step instruction and are designed to help potters take their work to new levels of craftsmanship and artistry. HERE ARE THE LINKS TO SOME OF THE TOOLS ANN USES: (If you buy stuff from one of these links, a German Shepherd named Dante will come and visit you. He will rant for 12 hilarious minutes about why you should quit pottery and then provide you dropbox links to pictures of retired NASCAR driver Morgan Shepherd in compromising photos) An affordable tool kit with carving stuff in it: Carving Tools and the Hand EXTRUDERS from our friends at Diamondcore: Xiem Tools X-Bevel Bevel Cutter for Pottery and Ceramics: Cutting Mats: Here is the rubber mats we use to make our stamps: Dowel Rods: ProPlus Sponge: Ultimate Edger: Brushes Ann Uses:​​​​ Best Red Ribs Package:​​​​ The Cameras we use:​​​​ Best Cheap Lens we film with:


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