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Title:No Sleep, 2 Jobs: Can Young South Koreans Escape Hell Joseon Rat Race? | Asia’s Stuck Generation

South Korea may be home to K-pop culture and TV dramas, but life for the average young Korean is less glamorous. Millennials and Gen Zs in Korea face high housing and other costs, and there is intense competition to get into top universities - which can determine one’s earning power and career opportunities for life. Many hold multiple jobs, or sleep only 2-3 hours a night. The pressure is so intense that in 2021, South Korea’s suicide rate was the highest among OECD countries; while others have become hikikomori. CNA Insider meets four young Koreans who are trying to cope and chart their own paths out of the rat race. 00:00 Intro 01:17 Why a 32yo needs two jobs 02:43 A degree doesn’t mean earning power 04:25 How a millennial saves 75% of her salary 05:22 What 18-hour work day is like 06:15 How unaffordable is housing in Seoul? 06:53 The Jeonse rental scheme explained 07:36 Living in a goshiwon (‘study room’) for 5 years 11:03 Why South Korea is ‘Hell Joseon’ 13:36 Becoming a hikikomori or social recluse 17:22 Way to break free of the rat race? 19:28 Undergrad who works 2 jobs 21:24 Why parents spend on hagwon (cram school) fees 22:48 Can young South Koreans afford to grow old? 23:42 Still hopeful: How millennials see their future IF YOU NEED HELP: Suicide Hotline (Korea): 119 or 1588-9191 Samaritans of Singapore Hotline: 1-767 Befrienders Kuala Lumpur: 0376272929 National Center for Mental Health (Philippines): 0917-899-8727 You can also find a list of international helplines here: MORE ON ASIA’S STUCK GENERATION: Stuck with Low Pay, How Taiwan’s Young Graduates Cope With High Costs: Have feedback or an idea for a story? Email ALSO WATCH: China's Youth Unemployment At Record Highs: Meet The Jobless Graduates | Insight: Meet China’s ‘Full Time Children’: Why Unemployed Youths Are Working For Their Parents: Why China's Gen Zs And Millennials Are ‘Quiet Quitting’: The ‘Bai Lan’ Movement : Millennials & Gen Z: Young And In Debt. Why? |Talking Point: Hell Joseon: The Price Of Happiness In South Korea | Deciphering South Korea : What's The Cost Of Being The Hardest Workers In The World? | Deciphering Japan: For more, SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER! Follow CNA INSIDER on: Instagram: Facebook: Website:


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