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Title:Self-Administered EMDR (Is it A Good Idea For You?)

Can you do EMDR on yourself or do you need a therapist? Barbara Heffernan discusses this issue in a comprehensive way, outlining some pros and cons, and three critical things to assess prior to moving forward with EMDR with or without a therapist. This video does not treat the issue in a simplistic, cut and dry manner, but instead provides guidance on when it can be helpful, and what things a therapist can do that probably can't be replicated. Barbara also discusses the website Virtual EMDR, which provides guidance to those who are doing EMDR on their own. Self-administered EMDR can be helpful and many people find self EMDR to be a wonderful compliment to therapy or a wonderful tool on its own. _____________ Free PDF: Transform your Negative Core Beliefs: Free Webinar: Rewiring Your Brain for Joy and Confidence: Sign up for a Free Trial on Virtual EMDR - Use Promo Code: AWAKENJOY20 for 20% off. The program code must be put into the promo code box when you checkout for the discount! This is an online service I have used and I support! 1:1 Virtual Psychotherapy with Betterhelp: I have personally used their services and have recently become an affiliate. Using this link enables you to a discount of 10% off the first month. Transformational Program: Roadmap to Joy and Authentic Confidence: The "aah!" mini-series is now on YouTube. Start here: Full playlist here: Say hi on social: Instagram: Facebook: My website: NOTE: This description contains affiliate links for the Virtual EMDR site, for and for While this channel may earn a minimal sum when the viewer using these affiliate links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links; the viewer is not charged extra for these links and, in fact, receives a discount over the regular pricing of these programs. I have used both Virtual EMDR and, and pridecounseling is connected to Disclaimer: This video was created by Barbara Heffernan, LCSW for educational purposes only. These videos are not diagnostic and provide no individual consultation. Consumption of these materials is for your own education and any medical, psychological, or professional care decisions should be made between you and your primary care doctor or another provider that you are engaged with. Barbara Heffernan is not available for individual consultation via YouTube, social media, or email, and provides services only in the manner mentioned above.


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