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Title:Craziest High Speed Police Chase of ALL Time

Daring manoeuvres and heart-stopping moments. A real life car chase may seem like a movie but it cannot be further from it. #news -------------- Chapters and key moments: 0:00 Highlights 0:11 Chase 1 5:08 Chase 2 10:07 Chase 3 15:09 Chase 4 20:26 Chase 5 25:32 Chase 6 33:48 Chase 7 39:55 Chase 8 -------------- About Us / Disclaimer: Police Insider provides unbiased and authentic footage of incidents captured on body cams. We believe this footage can be used as an educational guide for viewers. We only provide unique and original content that hasn’t been covered before on YouTube. The raw footage for the videos on this channel have been obtained directly from the respective Police Departments. We as a media company have the right to use it commercially. Most incidents may require a fee associated with the request and take several days to process. The channel is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency. Our channel is compliant with YouTube's Fair Use Policy as we create a storyline and cut down several hours of long footage to a few minutes to bring out the most entertaining and educational parts, just like other channels such as Code Blue Cam, Real World Police, Active Police Cam, Blue Watch and Bodycam FIles. The featured content is NOT intended to publicly shame, ridicule, or degrade the individuals involved or to glorify violence in any way.


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