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Title:Foo Fighters "Everlong" Collection on Letterman, 1997-2015

"Everlong" was included on Foo Fighter's sophomore album, "The Colour and the Shape," released in August 1997. The band first performed it on Late Show two months later. Dave later disclosed that it was one of his favorite songs, and so it became a staple on the show, played not only four more times by Foo Fighters but also frequently by the CBS Orchestra during the commercial breaks. Here are all but one of Foo Fighter's performances on Late Show. Their "Live on Letterman" version was blocked, so it's not included here. 1. October 8, 1997. Foo Figher's third appearance on the show. 2. February 18, 2000 (aired February 21). Dave's first show back after recovering from quintuple-bypass heart surgery. From Wikipedia: [Dave] Grohl stated that he was "blown away" after learning that Letterman was a fan of their music. The band went as far as canceling a stop on a tour in South America so they could perform, explaining that "We just felt like we had to be there. Not only was it an honor to be asked, but it felt like something we had to do -- because he had always meant so much to us. And that started this connection that we've had for years. It's fucking cool, you know?" As Dave L. said on his last show, he and the band were now "joined at the hip." 3. April 12, 2011. Dave's 64th birthday. After their broadcast performance of "Rope" (not included here), Foo Fighters stuck around after the taping for an unaired rendition of "Everlong." [4. April 12, 2011. Following the broadcast and then birthday-gift performance of "Everlong" for Dave, Foo Fighters hosted a two-hour online-only "Live on Letterman" concert in the Sullivan Theater, where the song was included. This was blocked on YouTube, so it's been deleted here.] 5. May 20, 2015. Foo Fighters were invited to perform the song one last time on Dave's final show, here with a newly-created montage of rarely-seen Foo Fighters/Late Show content. All of images were taken by staffers who then shared them on their Facebook pages.* After the show, the staff, crew, and band attended an affair at the Museum of Modern Art. A specially-designed t-shirt celebrating the Foo Fighters/Late Show relationship was distributed. Included in the montage are some photos of both the t-shirt and the after-party. Then a "making of" staff photo from October 2014, after the band had appeared on the show for the full week. And finally a thank you note from Dave Grohl. Plus two bonus clips. *Barbara Gaines' spectacular montage that aired for broadcast can be seen in full here:


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