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Title:Timun Mas dan Buto Ijo | Cerita Rakyat Jawa Tengah | Kisah Nusantara

Timun Mas is a Javanese folktale that tells of a beautiful woman who is kind, intelligent and brave. That is why he was loved by his mother, Mbok Srini. One day, Buto Ijo wanted to eat Timun Mas. Because of his courage, he managed to beat the buto ijo. Why did the giant want to eat Timun Mas? Then, how did Timun Mas beat the giant? Once upon a time in a village in Central Java, there lived a middle-aged widow named Mbok Srini. Since being left by her husband for several years, she has lived alone, she also has no children. Because of loneliness, she really hoped for the presence of a child, but unfortunately that hope was dashed because her husband had passed away. Support the Story of the Archipelago by donating at saweria , thank you. for those of you who ask about our social media... don't forget to follow Instagram : Facebook : Tiktok : Nusantara Story Playlist: #gromorestudio #KisahNusantara tales of cucumber mas, cucumber mas, buto ijo, origins of cucumber mas, cucumber mas buto green, stories buto green, tales of cucumber mas, cucumber mas and buto green, cucumber mas cartoon, stories buto green cartoon, tales of cucumber mas and buto green, golden cucumber animation, folklore, Central Java folklore, the origin of the golden cucumber, the story of the golden cucumber, the golden cucumber folklore, mbok Srini golden cucumber, the origins of the golden cucumber, the golden cucumber and the giant, the buto green cartoon, the golden cucumber cartoon, the golden cucumber fairy tales, children's stories archipelago story folklore animation fairytale legend origin mountain story archipelago story archipelago folklore Indonesian folklore fairy tale archipelago legend legend story cartoon archipelago story archipelago fairy tales fairy tale cartoon cartoon storyline archipelago Javanese story gromore studio legend story Javanese legend the story of the land of Java origin animation archipelago story animation fairy tale animation folklore animation culture


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