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Title:Modern Horizons Commander w/ LoadingReadyRun l Game Knights #27 l Magic the Gathering Gameplay EDH

This video is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. Support the show by using our Card Kingdom affiliate link for your next Magic purchase: ---------- SHOW NOTES: It’s our most epic episode ever! Kathleen and Graham from LoadingReadyRun are back and ready to battle using the new cards from Modern Horizons. Buckle up, because what transpires is the longest and most back-and-forth game we’ve ever had on the show. Plus, it features the first-ever real-life exhibition of the famous BEAR FORCE ONE deck from Friday Nights. It’s Ayula vs Hogaak vs Morophon vs Yawgmoth Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!! ---------- Huge thanks to UltraPro ( - @UltraProIntl) for sponsoring this episode and providing awesome prizes for our giveaways! Be sure to check out their new Relic Tokens! Find UltraPro on Facebook: Purchase a Game Knights t-shirt (available for a limited time): Be sure to enter the contest at the end of the episode for a chance to win swag from UltraPro, Card Kingdom and more! Winners will be announced on Twitter and Facebook on the evening of Wednesday, June 19th. ---------- Where to find our guests online: Kathleen De Vere Twitter: @Kathleen_LRR Graham Stark Twitter: @Graham_LRR LoadingReadyRun: Watch Friday Nights: ---------- Decklists: Graham’s BEAR FORCE ONE: Kathleen’s Yawgmoth: Jimmy’s Hogaak: JLK’s Morophon Avatars: ---------- Credits: Josh Lee Kwai – Director & Editor Terry Robertson – Editor Josh Murphy: Editor and Script Supervisor Ashlen Rose: Assistant Editor Lauren Haroutunian - Director of Photography Jeoff Hanser - Sound Recording Terry Robertson - Special Graphics and FX Danny Simard - L2 Judge Jimmy Wong - Sound Mix Bonnie Bacevich - Set Design ---------- Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter! @CommandCast @jfwong @JoshLeeKwai Email us: ---------- What life total app do we use? LIFELINKER: Lifelinker is the premium Life Counter app for Magic: the Gathering - available for FREE on the Apple and Android App Stores now! Customize your experience and redeem codes from your favorite creators to use their logo as your background when you game! Featuring logos from: Tolarian Community College Limited Resources Loading Ready Run The Mana Source Magic The Amateuring The Masters of Modern Brainstorm Brewery The Magic Man Sam Card Kingdom Commanderin’ Commander’s Brew SGDoc ...and more! Download Lifelinker today - available on Android and IOS platforms. ---------- Commander/EDH Official Rules, Banlist, Forums, and more:


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