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Title:Hells Angels Catch Fake Patch!

Watch full series free on Amazon Prime: For more than a decade, Tommy Baker has led a group of week-end bikers on rides literally all across America. Along the way, he decided they should call themselves "The Ice Cream Men From Hell." He designed a patch and gave the 'colors' to the riders he thought were worthy. They weren't an official Motorcycle Club, but maybe - one day - they'll try. That day has finally arrived. Baker put together the quintessential biker journey - a biker boot camp - to see if he and his buddies had what it takes to be a real Motorcycle Club - an M.C. - an American M.C. Getting seventeen men, from all walks of life and three states together is the first mission - and it doesn't go smoothly. Once they do all meet up and start riding together - five minutes in, one of them goes down. Let us know if you’ll be streaming American MC at home and what you think about the events that unfold for Tommy Baker and the Ice Cream Men From Hell in the comments below. Be sure to like, share and subscribe to our channel! Hit that bell icon to be notified of our latest releases, and to stay up to date with all things Choppertown. Discover more and keep up to date with the exciting clips and movies previews on our YouTube channel: Visit Choppertown on the web: Check out our new Roku App: Stream your favorite Choppertown Classics, and New Content arriving all the time on the following Free TV channels: Roku: STIRR: Amazon Prime: Tubi: Be sure to check out Choppertown’s Exclusive VHX Streaming Site as well: Don’t forget to: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Discover more and keep up to date with the exciting events at Choppertown on YouTube by subscribing to our channel:


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