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Title:Naf Rath: End of Reason? | How Hate is Weaponised in Maharashtra, The Beginning | Documentary, Part1

This is Part I of the three-part documentary series on the spread of communal violence in Maharashtra. The next two episodes will be released on 10 and 11 December 2023 respectively. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- In India, a new breed of individuals has become a part of the mainstream in recent years, spreading hatred across the country as if it were part of their corporate job. In the first six months of 2023, of all the hate speeches delivered nationwide, a staggering 29% were found in Maharashtra alone. Despite Maharashtra being often described as progressive, the state has transformed into a laboratory of hatred over the past year. Individuals promoting hatred have descended upon the state, this time with a new identity: the Sakal Hindu Samaj. Notable speakers like T Raja Singh, Suresh Chavhanke, Kajal Hinduani and others frequent these Sakal Hindu Samaj rallies. The rallies of Sakal Hindu Samaj have had such an effect that communal riots have occurred in many major cities of Maharashtra. While these incidents may have occurred in different places and at different times, they are all linked by a common thread, and that thread is politics. In this series, we will unravel the threads of this political narrative one by one and explore how a state that once played in joyous harmony is being engulfed in the darkness of hatred. Produced by: Zeeshan Kaskar Speakers: Teesta Setalvad, journalist and activist Bhaskar Jadhav, MLA, Shiv Sena UBT Humayun Mursal, writer & activist Pramod Muzumdar, writer & activist Ram Puniyani, Former professor, activist Smita Puniyani, social activist. Join The Wire's Youtube Membership and get exclusive content, member-only emojis, live interaction with The Wire's founders, editors and reporters and much more. Memberships to The Wire Crew start at Rs 89/month.


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