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Title:Can These Chinese Asylum Seekers Reach Their 'American Dream'? | Part 3/3 - Walk The Line

The Chinese migrants arrive in Mexico, and immediately end up on the receiving end of traumatic experiences. Mexico will soon turn out to be the most treacherous part of their journey, with pressure from the government, drug cartels, and smuggling gangs. Meanwhile, in the US, sentiment is rapidly changing towards migration. Texas makes it a criminal offence to cross the Wall. New York City starts to evict migrants from shelters. Ahead of the Presidential Election, former President Donald Trump threatens a mass deportation. WATCH MORE Walk The Line Part 1: Part 2: 00:00 Previously on Walk The Line 01:07 Robbed and extorted upon arrival in Mexico 05:11 A human smuggler explains his business 08:33 What are their plans after arriving in the US? 10:30 New laws against illegal migrants in Texas, US 12:47 Riding the public bus and avoiding immigration 14:34 Paying bribes 17:20 Tighter border controls and the fear of deportation 20:47 Pulled off the bus in gang territory 25:08 Tensions rise as migrants struggle to complete their journey 27:48 Caught by immigration, what happens next? 30:24 How many migrants die trying to get the US? Why? 31:59 How are Chinese migrants in the US doing? 35:01 First migrants arrive; is America what they expected? 38:34 A secret to getting asylum? 41:40 Chongqing family with two-year-old lost along the wall 43:11 Mum, Dad, and Lucy finally cross into the US 45:54 What happened to the Chongqing family? ==== About the show: Tens of thousands of Chinese citizens join the migrant trail to America. What has driven them to such desperation? And is the American Dream all it’s made out to be? ======== #CNAInsider #WalkTheLineCNA #America #Immigration #Mexico #AmericanDream #China #USBorder #California For more, SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER Follow CNA INSIDER on: Instagram: Facebook: Website:


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