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Title:What is it like being on Alone? Adam Riley season 9- AMA PART ONE

TIMESTAMPS OF QUESTIONS 00:57 - Would you make any changes to your ten items? 2:42 - What backpack did you use? 3:02 - Can your photo be something useful? 3:54 - What are some "must have" items? 5:48 - If you could bring ANY item what would it be? 7:07 - If you could go back in time for any expedition what would it be? 9:18 - How bad did you stink? 10:36 - How did you "game" the 10 items limitations? 12:41 - How do you compare being on Alone to being alone at sea? 15:57 - What is your stance on silly songs? 18:00 - What did you wipe your butt with? 18:55 - How long were you a fan of Alone? 20:37 - What is the most trivial thing that bothered you or you missed? 21:31 - Did you bring back any souvenirs from Labrador? 22:20 - Would you compete again? 22:52 - Thoughts and approach to the psychology of survival and isolation? 26:40 - Thought process behind your tap out? 33:28 - How much longer could you have gone before being medically pulled? 34:02 - Where did you spend your downtime? 35:05 - How difficult was it to see yourself losing weight? 36:28 - What was a challenge you weren't anticipating? 39:15 - How much weight did you lose? 40:24 - Does having the camera help you not feel alone? 41:48 - What were your most memorable experiences? 45:38 - Did you ever watch your own footage for entertainment? 46:17 - Were you sequestered after tapping? Did you have a special dinner with your parents? 47:17 - How many of your pre-planned ideas worked out? which failed? 48:37 - Could you hear the helicopters for other tap outs? Alone fans from Reddit and Facebook have their questions answered! This first part covers gear choices, random questions, the psychology of isolation, and much more! This is part one of a two-part video


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