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Title:50 Spanish Expressions You Need to learn to improve your Spanish

Are you going away to a Spanish-speaking country? Nervous about your Spanish skills? Let me help you tackle the Spanish phrases, words, verbs, greetings, vocabulary, questions, and answers you need to navigate the Spanish world easily. In this lesson you will learn 50 of the most useful Spanish expressions. This is my gift for you because this lesson will help you learn what you need before your Spanish holiday. You will learn so much good, important, real-life, current Spanish that you will be grateful for watching this lesson. Hola hola cara de bola. Please remember that if you like my lessons, consider making a donation, only and only if it is possible for you. I do not want to torment you with making donations but they do help me to continue making videos. So think about it and do it if it is possible for you. You can donate at: Or through PayPal: Muchas gracias y saludos, Ana Here with me, Ana Butterfly Spanish you can learn a lot of Spanish: Learn Spanish numbers Everyday Spanish Spanish alphabet Spanish vocabulary Spanish tenses: Spanish present, Spanish past, Spanish imperfect, Spanish subjunctive, Listening Spanish practice Spanish comprehension Spanish gramar Spanish essentials y más que eso. Saludos :) 00:00 Introduction 01:04 Common Spanish questions in Spanish 14:26 Everyday Spanish expressions 21:44 Asking & giving information about you and others 32:21 Food and accommodation questions and expressions in Spanish 42:08 Getting connected! Internet and online related questions & expressions Spanish 52:35 Conclusion


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