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Title:Working with UI Style Guides

🎯 Speak with a SaaS expert! Book a no obligation call to discuss your UI/UX challenges with a SaaS expert. We’ll offer advice on your current situation, provide a steer for your project and see if we’re a good fit to help. Book here 🔔 ✅ Subscribe to our channel to learn about SaaS, Product Design, Product-Led Growth and much, much more! In this video we talk about UI style guides and their benefits. We work with style guides in order to develop a consistent design styling across an application. However they also have additional benefits such as speeding up design work and making life easier for developers too. This is because there's always a reference to any style treatment, meaning that designers don't need to reinvent the wheel, and developers can easily find styling treatments for screens and components they are building. Furthermore, style guides are also a great tool for collaboration. In as team everyone has one source of reference and their work can be sense checked against the styling specifications. If a team member leaves, you don't lose as much design capability that's attributed to individual skill. Likewise if a team member joins, they can be onboarded easily, with a useful design reference. About UserActive We're a product design agency based in Barcelona. We help SaaS founders create meaningful products users love. On this channel we teach everything we know about how to improve your product, get more users and grow. 📘 FREE Download How to turn your product into a growth machine ✏️ Talk to us If you’re interested in our UX/UI design services please visit: 🗣️ Join 11K SaaS Founders SaaS Founders, Build & Scale FB Group ⏱️ Timestamps 0:00 - Intro 0:52 - What is a UI Style Guide? 1:59 - Style Guide Example 4:28 - Conclusion 🔔 ✅ Subscribe to our channel to learn about SaaS, Product Design, Product-Led Growth and much, much more! #saas #uxdesign #uidesign


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