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Title:Polyglot Reacts: 10 Celebs Speaking French

🌟 Some celebrities have some really impressive French skills. Others, not so much... In this video, I've collected clips of 10 famous celebrities speaking French, with my take on each one. 😊 And make sure you stay until the end, when you’re going to see my personal favourite — which really put a smile on my face... ⬇️ GET MY FREE STORYLEARNING® KIT: Discover how to learn any foreign language faster through the power of story with my free StoryLearning® Kit 👉🏼 📖 LEARN FRENCH THROUGH THE POWER OF STORY: Stories are the best way I have found to learn French (and the 7 other languages I speak). Forget the boring textbooks and time-wasting apps, and learn the natural, effective way with my French Uncovered courses: 👉🏼 📺 WATCH NEXT: 🤔 Other reaction videos I've done: Polyglot Reacts: Secrets of Learning a New Language? (TED) Polyglot Reacts: Learn Any Language in 6 Months? (TEDx) Polyglot Reacts: US Politicians Speaking Spanish 🇫🇷 Other French-specific videos I've done: 11 Easy French Books for Beginners to Read How hard is French to learn? | An honest guide for English speakers 📺 Clips featured in video: Christoph Waltz Cannes 2009 Serena Williams " je n'ai jamais eu peur" - C à vous Bradley Cooper speaking French in an interview Interview en français de Freddie Highmore sur "August Rush" Freddie Highmore Speaking 5 Languages Jodie Foster - Je t'attends depuis la nuit de temps Jodie Foster french interview on TV (INA archive) Stars speaking French Viggo Mortensen raconte le tournage de "Green Book" Meeting John Malkovich at the Francophone Film Festival Best Of - Les Stars parlent Français ROLLING STONES Mick Jagger interviews in French ⏱ Timestamps 00:00 - Intro 00:20 - Christof Waltz 02:06 - Serena Williams 03:47 - Bradley Cooper 04:53 - Freddie Highmore 06:58 - Jodie Foster 08:47 - Johnny Depp 10:11 - Viggo Mortensen 12:11 - John Malkovich 13:55 - Daniel Radcliffe 15:41 - Mick Jagger


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