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Title:Orang Bisa Berubah Jadi Hewan

People can turn into animals, that's what this roadside drug seller is talking about, is it true that people can turn into animals? The person selling this drug said it could turn humans into animals, but unfortunately I couldn't watch it until the end because I had a need, so I don't know exactly whether it turned into a real animal or not. Maybe this person has high power, debus science, ancient knowledge or something, but many say that this kind of thing is shirk, which is doubling up on God. Don't believe this kind of thing, just think of it as entertainment, don't take it to heart, let alone get carried away. Wallahu A'lam. I took the time to record this video because the attraction allows recording. Please watch it, don't believe it, just think of it as entertainment, Thank you #regular peopleturned into animals #street magicians #street medicine sellers RED MAGIC Idol teaches this arrogant magician what magic is - MASTER MENTALIST - Anything can People Can Turn Into ️❓😮😮|| Original Magic Attack Rangkas Bitung Banten - Javer batian TURNING THE DEAD PEOPLE! THESE ARE 5 MAGIC ACTIONS AGAINST NATURAL LAW - JalanTikus Dismantle Scams under the guise of GOIB that are on the streets #ILMUMERAH - RED MARKETERS PRODUCTIONS ANGRY MAGIC!! FLYING IN TEACHING !! #rynku - Rynku Viceroy Wow, cool!! The Powerful Performance of the Dayak People - Co2 Palabuhanratu Street magician, people can turn into animals - Syawal Din Sarnan Street magician, people can turn into ANIMALS - Syafa Zahra kids UNLOCKING SCAMS IN THE guise of STREET DUST MAGIC. selling drugs and extorting - KOPI BLACK DISCLOSED Already! Secret Appearance of Magician Sacred Riana in America's Got Talent - Popule List


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