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Title:Polyglot SHOCKS People By Speaking Their Native Language! - BEST Reactions 2023

●Instagram: @kazulanguages - ●Buy me a coffee: ●TikTok: This year, I tried 62 different languages on Omegle. There are so many beautiful moments, so I've compiled my favorite scenes. Hope you enjoy it! Currently, I speak 11 languages, which I studied properly. These are English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesian, Russian, Hindi, German, Turkish, Chinese, and Thai. Plus, I'm learning Korean language! Apart from that, I speak Japanese for sure, which is my native language. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Timestamps ] 00:00 - Intro 00:23 - (Turkish) When I spoke Turkish she said we could get married! 01:37 - (French & Arabic) She freaked out when I spoke her languages! 02:27 - (German) Language exchange with a German guy who loves Japan! 04:14 - (Russian) Funniest Conversation with Russian girls 06:14 - (Portuguese) Make friends with a cool guy from Brazil 08:08 - (Spanish) Best Reaction when I spoke her languages! 10:03 - (Croatian) She passed out the moment I spoke her native language 11:01 - (Italian) Heart-warming conversation with a kind Italian girl 12:42 - (French) I shock this Moroccan polyglot THREE times by speaking her languages! 14:57 - (Chinese) She thought I was Chinese when I speak Chinese! 16:40 - (Japanese) I met a fantastic Japanese speaker from the Netherlands! 18:40 - (Yoruba) Japanese tries to speak the language of Nigeria in Africa! 19:15 - (Indonesian) They coudn't believe I wasn't Indonesian! 20:19 - (Shona) He freaked out when I spoke his language! 21:26 - (German) She got so shocked when she heard my German 22:56 - (Dzongkha) They thought I was a native speaker of their language! 24:05 - (Georgian) I shock them TWICE by speaking different languages! 25:34- (Italian) Her jaw dropped hearing my Italian! 28:18 - (Afrikaans) Wholesome Reaction! This is what happens when many polyglots meet! 30:10 - (Uzbek) She got surprised by every word I said in Uzbek! 31:46 - (Turkish) Best Language Exchange ever! We surprised each other! 33:22 - (Spanish) He got extremely confused when I spoke Spanish 34:46 - (Portuguese) They got so surprised when they heard my Portuguese 36:17 - (Russian & Kazakh & Mongolian) I shock her THREE times by speaking her languages! 38:55 - (Spanish) She got so surprised by hearing my sudden Spanish 41:35 - (Romanian) Best Reaction when I spoke Romanian! 42:56 - (Dutch) I shock them TWICE by speaking their languages! 45:07 - (German) She didn't expect me at all to speak German! 46:26 - (Latvian) When I spoke her native language, she said, "You made my day!" 46:56 - (Hindi) She got too shocked to hear my sudden Hindi! 48:13 - (Estonian) I got a sudden marriage proposal on Omegle 48:49 - (French) Heart-warming conversation with a polyglot guy from Burundi! 51:15 - (Greek) I shock them Three Times by speaking their languages! 54:17 - (Indonesian) Her expression brightened by hearing my Indonesian 56:53 - (Russian) Wholesome Conversation with cheerful Russian girls! "He knows everything!" 59:41 - (Portuguese) He got too shocked to hear my sudden Portuguese! 1:03:39 - (Korean) Wholesome Language Exchange with the best Japanese speaker from Korea! 1:07:18 - (Spanish) Best Heart-warming conversation with my new language soulmate! 1:10:15 - (Taiwanese) Finally Taiwan! Wholesome convo with a sweet Taiwanese girl in 3 languages! 1:13:45 - (Danish) I shock her Three Times by speaking her languages! 1:16:42 - (Russian) Wholesome Language Exchange with a cute Russian girl 1:19:22 - (German) Language exchange with a kind Japanese-German girl! 1:23:40 - (Amharic) He got so surprised when I spoke Amharic 1:25:06 - (Turkish) Wholesome! The BEST Japanese speaker from Türkiye amazes me! 1:28:00 - (Russian) She became shy when I spoke her mother tongue! 1:30:03 - (Hindi) We shock each other in different languages! 1:31:31 - (German) Heart-warming conversation with a Swiss Polyglot! 1:35:03 - (Arabic) Speaking multiple languages caught him off guard! 1:36:57 - (Russian) Heart-warming Language Exchange with a multilingual girl from Russia! 1:41:27 - (Turkish) I surprise her TWICE by speaking her languages! 1:44:00 - (Japanese) BEST Heart-warming convo with a girl who is an audience from Japan 1:46:14 - (Thai) Best Language Exchange Ever with a cute Thai girl! 1:49:39 - (Turkish) Best Heart-warming conversation with a girl who is an audience from Türkiye 1:52:08 - (French) BEST Reaction! I shock them 5 Times by speaking multiple languages!! 1:57:04 - (Arabic) I met my language soulmate for the fourth time! Jana! 2:01:20 - (Arabic & French) Best Reaction! Heart-warming convo with Polyglot Italian girl 2:08:17 - Outro -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #omegle #ometv #polyglot


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