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Title:Marvel's Blade Xbox Exclusive? | Game Awards Recap | GTA 6 Reveal | Avatar | PlayStation Bans

#NZXT #manscaped #hellofresh 1) NZXT & IRON LORDS PC GIVEAWAY LINK: 4) MANSCAPED & ILP Use Code: Use Code: "IRONLORDS" at 3) HELLO FRESH & ILP: 2) NEW ILP Merch: 3) HAWORTH Chairs & ILP Use Affiliate LINK: 5) VALARI GAMING Pillow Use Code: "LORD15" for 15% Off 6) ADVANCED GG & ILP Use Code "IRONLORD" to save 10% off New Overlay/Intro by Shaun Labrie Emojis/Animations provided by the LEGENDARY GRAPHIC GOD! Overlays/Emojis/Animations provided by the LEGENDARY GRAPHIC GOD! 00:00 - ILP# 334 Pre-Show! 12:22 - ILP# 334 Show Start! Intro Video ends at 14:00 . 16:00 - @LordCognito is up with "Lordly Introductions" for the Hometown Lords ! 01:50:39 - The Lords go over last week's results for the Official #ILP #LOGNET Poll ! 01:53:11 - #Manscaped Advert 02:04:09 - #NZXT Holiday Giveaway 02:11:09 - The Lords give their thoughts on #TheGameAwards2023 ! 04:13:54 - #HelloFresh Advert 04:23:44 - The Lords discuss the #GTA6 reveal ! 05:02:07 - The Lords give their impressions on the new #AvatarFrontiersOfPandora game ! 05:16:02 - The Lords discuss the recent wave of unexplained bans on #PSN ! 05:23:44 - The Lords do a year in review & do their Outros! ILP PATREON: ILP ROYAL SWAG: Sundays 1pm EST (11AM EST during NFL Season) FOR LIVE CHAT INTERACTION WITH THE LORDS!! Check out the "Lords of Gaming Network" Discord server! : Welcome to the ILP! Join Lord Cognito, Lord Addict, Lord Sovereign and Lord King every week as we discuss everything that is Gaming, Combat Sports, Comics, Movies, and Destiny. Also make sure to follow us on these outlets. Twitter-- Instagram-- Facebook: IRONLORDSPODCAST ILP DESTINY CLAN: Twitter Handles Lord COGNITO--- - ILP CEO and Co-Host Lord KING--- - ILP Panel Memeber Lord ADDICT--- - ILP Panel Memeber, ILP Co-Host, Addict Show Co-Host Lord SOVEREIGN--- - ILP Panel Memeber Dirt Griggity - - Addict Show Co-Host Lord PeteyTV--- - Video Producer iTunes--- SoundCloud-- Spotify-- Google Play--


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