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Title:My Crazy Day Inside Prashant Kishor’s Jan Suraaj Yatra | Unfiltered by Samdish ft. Prashant Kishor

For this episode, I went to Bihar’s Begusarai to interview Prashant Kishor during his ongoing Jan Suraaj Padyatra. PK, who has left the path of political strategy, is now claiming to be on a mission to help the people of Bihar, fix its politics and transform the condition of Bihar. On the sides of his Padyatra, I sat down with PK to discuss his vision for Bihar, his intimate relationships with PM Modi and CM Nitish Kumar, who is funding Jan Suraaj and if they are going to contest Lok Sabha Elections? Apart from following Gandhi, who does PK look up to and does he ever feel guilty for helping a politician win in the past. From PK’s never seen before laugh, screen time and therapy, we covered it all. Presenting, My Crazy Day Inside Prashant Kishor’s Jan Suraaj Yatra. If you like this video and want to see more in-depth ground reports and interviews, please consider subscribing to #PrashantKishorOnUnfiltered #SamdishBhatia #jansuraajpadyatra The best interview show in the world is now on Spotify also: 00:00:00 to 00:01:23 Precap 00:01:23 to 00:02:35 Introduction 00:02:35 to 00:04:30 Padyatra 00:04:30 to 00:05:57 Meeting PK 00:05:57 to 00:07:30 PK’s Mission 00:07:30 to 00:10:17 Voting for the right reasons 00:10:17 to 00:12:07 Speeches and messaging 00:12:07 to 00:13:33 Influencing a larger canvas 00:13:33 to 00:14:24 Shoes for the yatra 00:14:24 to 00:16:29 Who is funding the Yatra 00:16:29 to 00:17:46 Selfish motive and holding office of power 00:17:46 to 00:18:35 Different voting patterns 00:18:35 to 00:19:35 Managing aspirations and development 00:19:35 to 00:20:41 Nitish Kumar, democracy, Ideologies 00:20:41 to 00:22:19 Not regretting decisions 00:22:19 to 00:23:03 Professional fee 00:23:03 to 00:24:16 Films, actors, status and Gandhi 00:24:16 to 00:25:55 Family time and workaholic PK 00:25:55 to 00:26:30 Celebrating birthdays 00:26:30 to 00:29:01 PK’s parents and changing houses 00:29:01 to 00:29:45 Watching movies, playing chess 00:29:45 to 00:30:44 Unethical and dirty in Indian politics 00:30:44 to 00:32:28 Comparing politicians, the need to strengthen the institutions 00:32:28 to 00:34:46 How to win elections in India 00:34:46 to 00:36:13 Talent show at the Padyatra 00:36:13 to 00:37:28 Selection of words 00:37:28 to 00:38:22 Garlands and Padyatra 00:38:22 to 00:40:35 Realities of Bihar 00:40:35 to 00:41:34 Running for Lok Sabha elections 00:41:34 to 00:42:23 Dilution of vision 00:42:23 to 00:44:16 Nitish Kumar 00:44:16 to 00:46:47 Modi and BJP’s ideology 00:46:47 to 00:47:58 Fun and giggles 00:47:58 to 00:48:42 Phone tapping 00:48:42 to 00:51:08 Social media, data and facts 00:51:08 to 00:51:57 Pressure and stress 00:51:57 to 00:52:58 Therapy? 00:52:58 to 00:54:21 Legacy and narcissism 00:54:21 to 00:55:10 Politician or Leader 00:55:10 to 00:56:52 Relationship with Gandhi 00:56:52 to 00:58:22 Extreme screen-time 00:58:22 to 00:59:59 Signal or telegram 00:59:59 to 01:01:00 IQ test and adaptability 01:01:00 to 01:01:58 Tanzania elections 01:01:58 to 01:03:24 Narasimha rao 01:03:24 to 01:04:21 Faults in JS 01:04:21 to 01:05:00 Working with PK 01:05:00 to 01:05:46 Cultural thing 01:05:46 to 01:06:56 Influencing big numbers 01:06:56 to 01:08:15 Understanding your rights


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