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Title:Cyrus Shepard Spills Google Secrets (Ep. 329)

When a talented SEO like Cyrus Shepard becomes a quality rater, you know we’ve got someone who has excellent insights on how Google evaluates your site and where you fail to impress them. Quality rate is one of the earliest steps that Google takes when they create a new algorithm update like the HCU that affected so many people. Quality raters’ work evaluating existing SERPs against potential new updated ones is what feeds Google's machine learning algorithm that then creates the updates that affects your site. So in this episode, Gael asks Cyrus all the questions that matter to figure out: 👉 How much does EEAT really matter for Google and quality raters? 👉 Does Google give an unfair advantage to larger sites? 👉 And what's coming next from Google based on their recent updates to the Quality Rater Guidelines? Plus, they look at some weird SERPs together and try to understand why Google ranks the sites they rank right now. ____________________________________________ A special thanks to our sponsors for this episode, Digital PR Agency Search Intelligence: ____________________________________________ ► If you want to learn how to start and grow profitable authority sites, visit The Authority Site System: ► Subscribe: to learn more secret authority site tips. ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► LinkedIn: ____________________________________________ More about Cyrus: Twitter: LinkedIn: Threads: ____________________________________________ Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 01:56 Why become a Google Quality Rater? 03:56 What does it take? 06:20 What does a Quality Rater do? 10:24 Internal vs. external research 12:49 Live SERP walkthrough 19:14 The current Google mess 21:07 “About the source” shortcut 25:39 EEAT signals 29:20 Machine learning implications 31:38 Google’s big site bias 33:44 Short vs. long content 35:46 Reddit & Quora ranking 41:19 The value of relevancy 43:02 The importance of UX 47:27 Comment sections: Hot or not? 50:48 Google vs. Content 53:59 How has Cyrus's SEO changed? 58:54 Rate Google 01:01:16 Predictions 01:07:08 Wrap up


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