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Title:3 Reasons I chose Bitwig as my DAW

I have officially made the switch over to Bitwig Studio from FL Studio as my main daw. There are many reasons why and I this video I cover the three main reasons. If you're interested in making the switch too, try out the demo for 30 days and see if you like it: Thanks for watching! If you would like to support the channel so I can continue producing content, please consider joining my Patreon, picking up a preset pack, click the Super Thanks button below the video, or use any of my affiliate links below to get some new software. Patreon: Preset Packs: Discord Server: Buy Me A Coffee: AFFILIATE LINKS: My favorite vst plugins: Synths: Arturia Pigments 5 Arturia V Collection 9 u-he Diva: u-he Hive 2: Effects: Arturia FX Collection 4 Anything else on ADSR: This channel focuses on Sound Design with synthesizers using the music software Bitwig Studio and various Pro Musician Equipment targeting various genres of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) as well as Ambient Sound Scapes and effects. Take a look in the playlist section of the channel to find detailed tutorials on other various synthesizers such as: u-he Diva, u-he Zebra Arturia Pigments 4, UVI Falcon, Kilohearts Phase Plant, Harmor, Sytrus, Toxic Biohazard, xfer Serum, Vital, Poizone, Harmless, Sawer, 3xOSC, GMS, as well as general music, mixing, mastering and workflow tutorials. DISCLAIMER: I will receive a commission on any sales from my affiliate links above that will help keep the channel going.


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