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Title:Простой узбекский Лагман - получится у любого! Надежный и вкусный, проверенный рецепт!

Lagman is easy to do! - detailed here, and below it is written briefly: Take three eggs, take one and a half glasses of water, stir like this. You can salt right away. Then flour and knead a tight dough. This is so tight - you fold it, and then you have to press it with your fists. Previously, dough was prepared without eggs at all, and so that it would not boil later, it was made even tighter. You press with one fist, transfer all your weight to it so as not to dislocate your hand, with the other hand you hold on to your wrist - that's how we were taught before! And then they started doing it with eggs. It came to us from somewhere in the European part, our old people always kneaded the dough only on water, but with eggs - of course - it's easier, and less time is needed. This is how you knead the dough, wrap it and let it stand for one hour. If you do without eggs, then the dough should stand for a day. And so it takes less time, and it turns out delicious. After an hour, unfold the dough, cut it into pieces, pull the edges of the piece to the middle and roll it with your hands into a thick tourniquet. The tourniquet must be lubricated with vegetable oil and you can begin to stretch it. You hold it with one hand, squeeze it a little with your fingers, and with the other hand you pull it. When it passes through the arm, it will become twice as long. Once again, it is not immediately necessary to pull it - let it lie down, rest. Take care of another tourniquet for now. And then stretch it through your hand again. Next time, you should not just stretch the dough, but roll it with your palm on the table so that it twists. Now you need to grease the tray with oil and lay all the bundles on it. Lubricate them again with oil, cover with a film, let them stand - they will only get better. Let's prepare the gravy for the lagman for now. Vegetables are the simplest: potatoes, onions, carrots, bell peppers, turnips. Meat and herbs, butter or lard, spices are the most common for Uzbek cuisine. Gravy what? The gravy is the simplest. Fry the meat. You can ribs first, and meat in small pieces later. Onions, carrots, turnips - all centimeter cubes or straws. Add tomatoes to the fry or fresh tomatoes - depending on the season. Only it is necessary to fry the tomato so that there is no taste of raw pasta, so that the taste disperses like butter. Bulgarian pepper is quickly cooked, it must be put later, after the tomato. And then add water, let it boil, salt and cube the potatoes last. As soon as the potatoes are ready, you can start serving. Just do not turn off the fire, let it stand on the smallest fire so that it remains hot. Only we still need to pull out the lagman. Look, you remove the bundles of dough from the dish, pull it again and put it on the table. Now you take two or three threads of the lagman at once and wrap it around your hands like this. You hold it on two hands, hands up, throw the lagman and hit it on the table, moving your hands to the side. So two or three times, stretching the dough more and more. Let the water boil as hard as you can. It is necessary to salt the water heavily - for five liters of water, ten spoons of salt. Do not be afraid, the lagman will not be oversalted! You take off the lagman from one hand, hold it on the other hand and lower it into the water. Let the raw lagman not touch the bottom. Then, with a wooden spatula, you lift the cooked one, and lower the boiled one that was on your hand. You don't need to cook for a long time - three minutes, no more. At first it seems that raw, when you eat, it will just be ready. Three minutes in rapidly boiling water is enough for a lagman. Remove it and immediately put it in a colander and under cold water to cool down, so that it stops cooking. When you serve, you take the lagman, put it in the cash register, pour hot broth from the saucepan with gravy, then pour the broth back, the lagman has already warmed up. Spread gravy on it, sprinkle with greens. Loizzhan (paste of red pepper, salt and garlic) should stand separately, whoever needs it will put a spoon or two to himself, vinegar infused with pepper, dill and spices is already on the table, whoever needs it will season the lagman. Here is a real lagman, an Uzbek lagman. I was in Kashgar, where the Uighurs cook differently, they have more Chinese spices, seasonings, and in Uzbekistan we always cooked like this. Read the full version of the recipe here: My books with autographs and delivery to any region can be bought here:


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