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Today I, Zhong, am going to see which one of my friends can stay underwater the longest. @KatrinaBuno @NichLmao @VuJae Ray and my dad will win gadgets to help them breathe underwater by completing challenges. The first is the swimming challenge, whoever can swim through the rings the fastest wins! Ray goes first and he literally swims as fast as the Little Mermaid. He goes faster then everyone and gets to spin the mystery wheel. Ray wins a Unicorn underwater snorkel device. While Ray is doing his breathing challenge, he finds a secret treasure chest! Ray gets tricked because there are only rocks in there. The next challenge is to guess what color the water balloon is going to be. You can guess RED BLUE or GREEN. I drop water balloons off of a bridge! Nich won the challenge and gets to use a Jet Ski that costs $1,000! Next, we are all going to race our toys in the swimming pool. We are racing a toy car that can drive on water, an RC toy boat, and a toy shark that really swims in water. Vu wins the challenge and gets a gadget that literally lets him breathe underwater. Me and Ray hire a REAL LIFE MERMAID to try to get him out of the water. Next my dad and Kat have to launch their Rocket the highest to see who wins. We have to prank my dad! I shoot my dad with a water hose and he loses the challenge. My dad is upset, is he leaving me again? Now its Kat’s turn and she stays underwater for hours! She is under there for so long I cook food, play video games, and play Roblox while I’m waiting for her. Kat wins a treasure chest with $10,000! What gadget would you choose for the under water challenge?? Comment Below!! 👉 MORE AWESOME VLOGS!! 👇 @JeremyHutchins LAST TO BREATHE WINS $10,000 @BenAzelart LAST TO BREATHE WINS $10,000! @brentrivera LAST TO LEAVE WATER CHAMBER WINS $10,000! @rug LAST TO LEAVE SWIMMING POOL WINS $10,000 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Instagram: @zhong TikTok: @zhong Snapchat: @zhongsnap Subscribe to my channel: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi my name is Zhong! Welcome to my channel. You'll find me playing tricks and pranks on my friends. We also love to do challenges and play different games against each other. I hope you enjoy my videos!


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