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Title:Epic Pennsic: A Cynnabar Newcomer's Look at Pennsic War XL (40) 2011!

Epic Pennsic is a short montage of photos and videos representing our first Pennsic War as newcomers and members of the Barony of Cynnabar (Midrealm). Includes battle footage and music by Michael Praetorius (peace week) and a Landsknecht battle march with new lyrics in honor of Cynnabar! Lyrics: Drums, drums, Pennsic calls Our warriors come together from afar March, March, to war we go With the mighty tower of Cynnabar! 
Our kinsfolk cheer for us Our enemy will not yield The flags wave to start They all charge the field! 

Hey, hey, hoobah hoobah! "Draco Invictus!" we shout hereon Hey, hey, hoobah hoobah! Drums, drums, Pennsic is on 
Drums, drums, we all fight on Drums, drums, we all go on
 And the fourty-year war rumbles on and on 
Drums, drums, for novice to duke Cynnabar walls will stand the test of time. Together we honor our past and create history Too soon bells chime. We all found victory! Hey, hey, hoobah hoobah! "Draco Invictus!" we shout hereon Hey, hey, hoobah hoobah! ====================== The Barony of Cynnabar is a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Cynnabar is one of the many baronies in the Pentamere Region of the Middle Kingdom, the third oldest kingdom in the SCA. We are bordered by the Barony of Roaring Wastes, the Barony of Northwoods, and the Shire of Talonval. Learn more about the Barony of Cynnabar at our web site located at


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