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Title:Love scene again︱Short Clip EP8│Twisted Fate of Love│Fresh Drama

Click to subscribe our Channel→ More EPs click→《Twisted Fate of Love》Playlist: Synopsis: During the Yin Dynasty, Dong Yue, a brave general in the Dingyuan Rebellion, was sent back in time to stop a war that would claim the lives of countless innocents. She sets out to murder corrupted officer Lu Yuantong in an attempt to prevent war, and during her journey, she met Feng Xi and Pang Yu. Pang Yu and Feng Xi were old friends who cared deeply for each other but fell out and turn into enemies. While trying to reconcile the two brothers, Dong Yue also tries to stop Lu Yuantang's evil schemes which are poised to tear the nation apart with their help. Genres: Historical, Romantic Comedy, Costume & Period Subtitles: English [CC] Audio languages: Chinese Director: Wai Hong Chui, Wai Honto Starring: Sun Yi as Dong Yue Jin Han as Feng Xi Tan Jian Ci as Pang Yu [Third Prince] More Drama with English sub: 《The Legend of Zu 2》 《My Neighbour Can't Sleep》 《Sweet Tai Chi》 《Love In Time》 《To Dear Myself》 《Knock on the Happiness Door》 《Blossom in Heart》 《NOVOLAND: EAGLE FLAG》 《Love of Thousand Years》 《Love Better Than Immortality》 《The Story of Furong》 《Wuthering Heights》 《Our Glamorous Time》 《From Survivor to Healer》 《Ming Dynasty》 《Royal Nirvana》 《Legend of the Fist: Chen Zhen》 《Men With Sword》 《A Step Into The Past》 《Star April》 《You Colored My World》 《Mu Guiying command》 《Journey to the East》 《Love Journey》 《In Youth》 《Love Tribulations》 Subscribe to our: Idol & Romance Channel→ Movie Channel→ #TwistedFateofLove #JinHan #今夕何夕


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