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Title:俄軍神話接連破滅小粉紅嚇壞! Su57千瘡百孔變廢品…竟連被什麼打都不知道!?【關鍵時刻】黃世聰

Chinese official media criticized Russia for "repeatedly breaking embarrassing records"! Russian weapons are vulnerable and China is full of scrap metal. They are shocked and frightened! ? Russia today, China tomorrow! ? The "myth busted" Russian-made weapons are all junk... Chinese influencers are all worried! ? The myths of the Russian army have been shattered one after another. Little Pink is frightened! Su57 is riddled with holes and turned into a useless doesn't even know what it was hit by! ? The most mysterious and top-secret base of the Russian army was attacked by drones and could not be stopped! ? Russia’s fifth-generation fighter jets have decreased by 10% overnight! ? China is more nervous than the Russian army! ? Official media criticized Russia's "lax style" and the losses will no longer be a small matter when the F16 is in place! ? Important facilities in Russia were destroyed one after another! ? Buying a bunch of S400s but finding them vulnerable...China roared, "We have been cheated"! 92 Western reconnaissance teams appear on the front line! ? The coordinates are sent directly to Haimas' "Ukrainian Sky Eye" to accurately destroy the S400 missile! This is not the first time that a Russian Su-34 crashed and killed 2 people due to "technical failure"! Russian media criticized Chinese chip failure rate as high as 40%! ? The United States’ new strategy is to use “Russian money to fight the Russian army”! ? G7 announces that it will use Russia’s frozen assets to aid Ukraine! ? Putin "turned from laughing to angry"...air raid sirens were blaring across Ukraine! Ukrainian air defense interceptor "Dagger" breaks the myth of the Russian army! The Ukrainian army's "unknown fighter plane" joins the battle! The command center of the 6th Army in Russia was bombed into rubble and the air defense system was ineffective! Putin took advantage of the situation and blasted Kharkiv! The United States gave the green light and NATO weapons were stationed in Russia. Russia was killed by Ukrainian counterattacks 250 kilometers away! ? The extended-range Seamasters and ATACMS tactical missiles launched a powerful bombardment, and 16% of Russia's territory was within the attack range! ? The Russian army's urgent return to defense is ineffective? The local command post was broken through by "mysterious fighter planes" and blasted out a big hole "6 floors → 3 floors"! ? "10% of fifth-generation fighters were killed in one day" The Russian army shocked the world by destroying two Su-57s 589 kilometers away from the battlefield! The latest SU-57 was bombed. Does the Russian army’s bullying tactics not work? Chinese official media angrily said, "There is no more shame, only more shame"! The Jiesbao case prosecutors mobilized 18 troops to search for Wu Dongjin's secret "gold flow" and have full control of it! ? Huang: It must have been one of my own people! Wu Dongjin pulled Zhongxin Jin and Gu Zhongliang into the battlefield? I don’t want to be acquired by my brother Wu Dongliang’s Taishin Gold, so I have to take drastic measures! ? Taiwan's five major financial holdings and two major families compete for financial power! ? There is a turbulent undercurrent behind Wu Dongjin’s bail of 100 million yuan! ?


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