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Title:RUSA JANTAN masih per JAKA

SAMBAR DEER is one of the LARGEST types of DEER IN INDONESIA SAMBAR DEER is included in the RARE ANIMAL category SAMBAR DEER also falls into the category PROTECTED ANIMALS. Act Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings Always healthy greetings to all friends OK, this time I will explain about the condition of SAMBAR DEER in Indonesia, friends So, according to my knowledge, in the last few years, SAMBAR DEER have existed in nature The population has decreased drastically, the population has decreased significantly from the previous 8 years How can I know about this...? I know this because I am a farmer who live in forest areas I have lived in this place since 2014 4 years on, I still often hear DEER, DEER, KING POWDER or Sumatran peacock But since 2019 I have never heard the voices of these three animals again even though previously it wasn't just the sound that got it In fact, I often pass these animals on the road around the garden Some of the causes of the reduction in SAMBAR DEER in nature are: 1. poaching 2. Sales of high pressure weapons 3. The law is not enforced according to the rules 4. global deforestation which makes protected forest areas where animal populations are increasingly narrowing, making it easier for predators in clothes to find their targets, without them thinking that what they are doing is very detrimental to everyone And the saddest thing is that in several areas in Indonesia hunting has become an annual tradition this really confused me Why are wrong traditions still being carried out and why are the legal authorities silent? Is it because customary law is stronger than state law? I don't think so... Apart from that, I also had time to pay attention Conditions and situations in several areas About people's passion for consuming game meat, to the point that the results of hunting are bought and sold in traditional markets And if I pay attention, it's actually the authorities, officials, even individuals wearing ties who buy the prey What's even more surprising is that after they bought the meat, they actually ordered it back from the seller If this continues, what will happen is that animals in this country could really become extinct yeah, maybe that's it for now Discussion this time Make friends I ask for support and support from friends I would like to thank those who have subscribed and those who have stopped by to watch For those who haven't subscribed, don't forget to click the subscribe button. Like comments and share with other friends so that this channel can progress and develop And don't forget to click the bell icon to make friends Always get the latest video notifications from this channel Thank You... And I end it Wablahi Taufik wal Hidayah Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings


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