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Title:Dividend stock 52% ROI per year?!? jkjk, that's selling covered calls. Orange Pill Investor ep146.

Found a dividend stock paying 52% a year ROI!!1!!! jk, that's what I get selling covered calls and cash secured puts. Using bitcoin miners, TSLA, and MSTR it's easy to get 1% a week premium. Why aren't dividend investors lining up to do this? Unlimited upside I guess😉. But companies that offer dividends have already given up hope. NFA, but if there's any class of stocks I wouldn't worry about missing out on unlimited upside, it's dividend stocks. They're the zombie companies of the future. Offering a dividend is admitting they're too stupid to figure out how to provide value to the shareholders, and instead just hand the money back and hope you can figure out how to beat inflation. Trying something a little different this week. Let's see if I can figure out how timestamps work. Haha, the timestamps only work on X. Watch there instead 03:15 can a dividend stock become a btc development company? 05:00 How do covered calls compare to dividends? 07:50 What if a dividend offered covered call type returns? 10:00 Dividend investors EXPLAIN 12:35 Update on 1k followers 100 shares HUT winners 14:00 My son calling and interrupting my video, ROFL Please follow for more content like this👀. Ask questions and post comments and suggestions below. Orange Pill Investor ep 146. Be good yall. Follow me on X @nithusezni


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