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Title:The Forest Cabin: Guided Sleep Story with Rain & Thunderstorm Sounds

In this guided sleep story for grown-ups, we're going on a journey to a safe place: the cabin in the woods. The sleep story includes heavy thunderstorm sounds. – You can also listen to a calming fireplace, while rain and thunder are raging outside. Sleep in your cozy cabin, while it's rainy and dark outside... 😴 This sleep story includes heavy thunderstorm sounds. The sounds continue a little longer after the narration is over, so you can fall asleep with them. #sleepstory #sleep #meditation #guidedmeditation #narration #story #audiobook #storytelling #calm #sleepmeditation #meditation #sleephypnosis In this sleep story with thunderstorm sounds you travel to a small cabin in a forest. When it beginns to rain, you can find shelter in a safe cabin where you can listen to the rain and thunderstorm sounds and relax in the cozy warmth… Listen to these thunderstorm sounds with a sleep story when you want to go to sleep, or want to relax. After the narration, the rain sounds continue a little longer, so you can fall asleep gently and securely. – The sleep story is suitable for all ages, but is written specifically for adults. I will guide and accompany you on the way to a cabin. We go into nature to find shelter in a cozy cabin when the rain is raging. While the thunderstorm is raging outside, you will be safe and secure by a warming fire. Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:02:27 - Relaxation 00:04:10 - Sleep Story MindRest is your Channel for meditations and guided sleep stories. We’re bringing you beautiful written sleep stories, meditations and also hypnosis and affirmation videos. – all with the goal to help you fall asleep. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to us! 💫 Sleep Stories Playlist: Visual Meditations: Hypnosis for Sleep: Find the Sleep Story Script here: MP3 Download the Story here: Sleep Hypnosis: Guided Imagery Meditations: Site: Sleep Story & Hypnosis Scripts: MP3 Downloads: (You can pay whatever you like – all proceeds go into new vids) Spotify: [Available Soon] Apple Music: [Available Soon] With Mindrest we want to bring you beautiful sleep stories, guided imagery and hypnosis recordings that help you calm down, unwind & relax. New Videos are available every Monday at 9PM PST. Narrated by Chris Lynch, co-written & produced with Jona Schulz. Mindrest (2022). All rights reserved. [License/Copyright: The music and visuals in this video have been fully licensed via Envato Elements and Adobe Stock. The narration, sleep story script, most parts of the field recordings & the sound design are ours with all rights reserved – the re-upload, not even in parts, is prohibited. In case you have questions, please contact] Mindrest (2021). All texts on our channel were fully written by us. #BedtimeStories #SleepStory #SleepStories #BedtimeStory #Sleep The music and assets in the videos used have been fully licensed for commercial use.


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