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Title:Traditional Bow Hunting Catch and Cook in Deep Snow NO SHELTER

This week I head to the mountains for an overnighter traditional bow hunting catch and cook and solo camping in deep snow. I want to test out the Siberian log fire so I'm taking only my sleeping bag and pad. Since I have no shelter and the temperature is well below freezing, I construct a bed of conifer boughs to sleep on. Although not a how to video, I'm sure you'll pick up some cold weather camping and winter bushcraft tips in this winter survival video. If there's enough interest I'll do some more snow camping this winter. Overall I was impressed with how the Siberian log fire performed. It burned for about 15 hours and put out enough heat to keep me warm all night. This is a true "all night fire." Don't forget to subscribe to the channel. We're uploading a new video each week that features one of the following topics: archery, bow hunting, bow building, survival skills, bushcraft, self reliance, primitive skills, primitive bows, hunting, camping, fishing, and a lot more! Surviving Alone by Clay Hayes - Big thanks to our partners who help support these videos! Backpacks - Archery Gear - Tents & Tarps - Binoculars - Arrow Shafts - Clothing - You can also connect with me on my other media outlets! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Patreon:


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