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Title:Don’t Be An ML/AI Engineer If You’re Like This...

Considering a career in AI or Machine Learning Engineering? In this candid discussion, let’s break down the crucial aspects you need to consider before diving into the world of Software engineering, especially ML or AI engineering. From the misconceptions about the software engineering field to the intense competition in artificial intelligence and machine learning and rapid changes, let’s talk about what it takes to thrive as a Machine Learning or AI engineer. 🚀 #AIEngineer #MLEngineer #MachineLearningEngineer #SoftwareEngineering 📎 Resources: ============== ✅ Find Links to Machine Learning/AI Research in the "Resource" section ✅ FREE Study Plan to Learn AI/ML Engineering FAST with ChatGPT ✅ The Ultimate Resume Handbook ✅ Interview Prep Resources ✅ FREE ATS-Friendly Resume Template 🎙️Other videos you might be interested in ======================== 👉How to Become an AI Engineer (Without a Degree) 👉Learn AI/ML engineering FAST with ChatGPT 👉AI/ML Engineer path - The Harsh Truth 🖥️ My SETUP ======================== 📣✨Connect with me ======================== 💻LinkedIn: ✉️ NEWSLETTE: 📌 Website: I give advice for navigating your engineering career journey successfully. ⭐️About me ======================== Hi, I'm Jean, Founder of Exaltitude. I've been working in tech for the past 15 years as an engineer, an engineering manager, and a team builder. I was the 19th engineer at WhatsApp and worked with Facebook as an Engineering Manager for six years after the $19B acquisition. I'm excited to share the ins and outs of a Software Engineering career based on my experience as a hiring manager for top tech companies. Credits ======================== 🖼️ All images, graphics, and b-roll videos used in this video were sourced from Canva. 🎵Music: Piano Store by Jimmy Fontanez Tropic Fuse by French Fuse * I may earn a small commission for purchases made through affiliate links on this website. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Your support helps me continue creating content for you. Timestamp 0:00 Preview 0:18 Intro 1:26 Common advice 3:18 AI is really hard 4:22 Fierce competition 5:13 Burnout 5:58 Rapid change 7:00 Quick recap 7:16 The most important challenge 8:54 Reward of AI engineering


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