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Title:Evil Side - Ivypools Decision AMV

Originally part of the first half of the Winter Mapathon we were hosting- check out the other projects here WHAT A JOURNEY I started the concept for this after finding the song again in one of my old playlists- funny thing is back then I was still planning to make Breaking my Bones the next AMV, I had the animatic and script ready but thought "Ay alright I'm more motivated to work on this song now, imma make BMB a MAP. Haven't tried that yet" and so the BMB MAP happened :D It's hard to track back when exactly I first started working on it since I've changed from a Laptop to a PC and the old files have been modified while moving but it probably was somewhere in November of 2021. Hard to tell how many frames in total there are as well since I've got 7 CSP files total and discovered PNG-Sequences while working on it but if I'd take a guess I'd say between 1700-2000! Anyways, Ivypool! I love her character from what I've read up to early 2016 (stopped reading then, last book was the one where firestar dies lmao) and I connect really well with her. Getting mixed up with the wrong people because they give you the Illusion of what you wish to get from your family hits really close to home for me, especially during the time around 2016. One sister who just can't understand your struggles because she's got everything going for her and the other not seeing the struggles of the other through her own dissatisfaction ahhhh it's like past me looking in the mirror. Because of that I really hope I was able to portray the characters well and show you what has led, per my interpretation, Ivypool to her decision. *THIS IS BASED ON ERIN HUNTER'S WARRIORS AND AS IT IS ONLY BASED ON IT MY CHARACTER DESIGNS AND INTERPRETATIONS MAY VARY STRONGLY FROM THE ORIGINAL!* Characters(in order of appearance): Ivypool, Hawkfrost, Lionblaze, Dovewing, Jayfeather, Brambleclaw, Antpelt, Knockingslam&Sobscowl(OCs of @IronycheinPain and I), Tigerstar, Schroedingers Douchebag (OC of @ray_nee ), Tailwind (My OC) ; Every non-OC character belongs to Erin Hunter Background Characters / PATRONS: Firethroat (@SpeedyFoxAMV ), Sootberry (, CHLOE (@sparky_CLICK_YOU_WONT_REGRET ), SILENTWATCHER (@StephCanSketch ), DÜN (Tumble), SOOTSMOKE (@Zachybutt ), Antfeast (@IronycheinPain ), Haruko (@akemiviera7 ), SAMANI (@SamSparks95 ), WHITETHORN (@KimSxxiny ), SNAKETAIL (@Xeno_Slayer), LAVENDERSUN (@LUNARTEMPEST ) ▷Music: Evil Side - The Dirty Nil ( ▷𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗸𝘀 ⪢Support me on Patreon: ⪢Instagram: ⪢Support me with a coffee: ⪢Listen to Tonii on Spotify: #warriorcats #amv #2danimation #fananimation #ivypool #hawkfrost #tigerstar


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