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Title:Thai Vowels for Dummies in 5 Min v2 - A System Impossible to Forget

Between Vowels, Consonants and Tones, the mispronounciation of the Thai vowels is the number one factor that leads to confused looks on Thai people's faces when listening to foreigners speaking Thai. I have put this clip together to deliver the entire system of critical Thai vowels in the way that they were supposed to be taught. I hope that this is useful for both beginners as well as people who have been studying Thai for a long time. This is the 2nd rendering of this clip as in my rush to get the first one uploaded, the chart had several typos and omissions. I have tried to make the system as 'pretty' as possible - there are of course some little extra 'tidbits' that will complete the knowledge of the vowels, but what is presented in this clip will give you 98% of what you need. Moreover, it's part of a much larger overall framework of the language - based on the map of the mouth that can help you with your consonants, tones and more importantly, accuracy in pronunciation and 'clear' delivery of the language with native speakers. I have made the chart available in the resources of Cracking Thai Fundamentals at Get your hands on more resources to accelerate your Thai learning, go to and Before you go any further, if you liked this content please reach over quickly and click 'subscribe' and 'like' - that will help me keep being able to develop great content for you. You can access all of my training modules at - create an account and get access to swathes of content. You can read my blog at Cracking Thai Fundamentals Book: Installing a Thai Operating System for your Mind You can order my book for delivery within Thailand here: Or outside of Thailand on Amazon


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