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Title:Kawagoe Day Trip from Tokyo | Underrated must-visit old Japanese town 🎏🍑

FINALLY I SAW THE MOST MARVELOUS CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!!🌸🀧 After my last failed attempt I thought that this year was a wash...thankfully we went to Kawagoe and discovered that the blossoms here were still on the trees (mostly), so we were able to see a really beautiful view~~ I really enjoyed the overall vibe of Kawagoe! It was very retro, kind of like the traditional Japan vibe with a twist. I personally am a big fan of the taisho roman aesthetic (look it up!!) so I really enjoyed that!! My main complaint with Kawagoe is that they have got to figure out how to widen the sidewalk or close that main road down on the weekend or something...felt very anti-pedestrian despite everyone literally being a pedestrian lol Also Kawagoe is much closer to Tokyo than I thought!! A lot of express trains run between Kawagoe and Tokyo every day so you can get there in under less than hour! 🌸 follow me on social media 🌸 twitter: @allisonintokyo personal instagram: @allisintokyo studyinstagram: @allistudy ----- support my channel πŸ˜‡ ----- AMAZON LINKS TO MY FAVORITE STUFF πŸ›οΈ US: JP: ----- πŸšƒ TRAVEL JAPAN WITH JR PASS (affiliate link so buy through here to support me πŸ₯°) NATIONWIDE PASS (most popular, allows travel on JR trains across Japan: REGIONAL PASSES: ----- ❀️ music ❀️ Daystar - Daisy Fleabane, A Moment in Jeju, Love Me! living alone in japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ | daily life in tokyo, anime shopping, karaoke, haul, cooking


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