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Title:Holiday Celebration at The Ritz! Singapore's Best Festive Lobster & Seafood Luxury Buffet

As Christmas and the Holidays approaches, the streets of Singapore are all decorated for the festivities and beautifully lit up. Kinda like the Vegas strip but in a classy subtle way. And like Vegas, the buffets in Singapore continues to get better and better and today, I get to visit what I believe is Singapores Best Buffet, or at least the most luxurious. This is at a restaurant called The Colony at the Singapore Ritz-Carlton and this is going to be a lavious treat. I've heard they have spectacular offering of lobster, seafood, truffles and many of the wester and traditional Singaporean dishes; but above it all, The Ritz-Carlton is known for their superb hospitality so it will definitely be a great evening to remember. As luck would have it, during the evening when I was dining, they had a tree lighting ceremony to kick off the festive season and cocktails all around. A nice diversion from the buffet, but it was quickly back to business. As nice as the cold seafood station was, taking a walk further into the buffet area, you'll find chefs hard at work grilling up loads of buttery lobsters, creating fresh Indian breads and curries and of course the meats from the tandoor. This is the first time I've tried a tandoori lobster but it certainly wouldn't be my last. Turn the corner and you'll find yourself at Italian station where chef Justin was making mushroom truffle risotto mounted with countless knobs of butter, gratings for parmesian, and endless shavings of fresh truffles.. Venture a little further to the right, you'll find chefs grilling up plates and plates of lobsters to please the patrons and further down, of course there are the Singapore delicacies such and the BBQ roast pork and duck, the famous Hinan chicken and of courese, the laksa made fresh to order. If you're ever in Singapore this would be highly recommend.. Well above and beyond he bar set by it's Vegas counterparts, and.a very enjoyable evening. Just make sure to get reservations early as there is a bit of a waiting list. Here are some useful links: • Colony Festive Lobster Seafood Buffet @ Ritz-Carlton Hotel • Festive Holiday Seafood Dinner Buffet -- $138SG / $102USD • • 7 Raffles Ave., Singapore 039799 Music Used: @RoaMusic • Song: Roa - Winter • Roa Music Details: • Roa's Channel: • • • •


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