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Title:The Wandering Coach | Belated Birthday Special

You can leave your comments here since this video is marked for kids: Majority of the audio curiosity of 22Tesla. Reuploaded first time, due to the video not being streamable for some strange reason. Oops. Now I've reuploaded it again because of those the bastard bots at COPPA marking this as for kids. Well, my birthday special is finally up, albite, two weeks late due to me being a bit of a blithering idiot. And what a better way to celebrate the occasion then to do my own take one what I'm pretty sure is now the most popular of the from Tales From The Scrap Sidings. Plot: While Skarloey's off at the works to be repaired, Sir Handel & Peter Sam are doing his work as well as their own. While hauling a passenger train, he Will Smiths into a crate at the Top Station. While complaining bitterly in the works that night, an engine comes to visit him... Bloody nora, this was honestly more of sod to film then Spiteful Gesture. As much as I love this story to bits, I do plan to the other three stories from the Tales From the Scrap Siding series. I don't own anything except the Leslie, Brad, Janet, Sarah & Deb reskins (Obviously). Please like (or dislike if this isn't your cup of tea), comment and consider subscribing if you want to see more! Enjoy!


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