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Title:Nikhil Kamath Says Hedge Your Long Equity Now, Tells Strategies To Avoid Big Loss

How can a conservative equity investment strategy beat the headline index, and that too, by a wide margin? Nikhil Kamath, Founder of True Beacon and Co-Founder of Zerodha, tells Shaleen Agrawal in an interview all about how his PMS fund seeks to do just that for HNI clients. Spoiler: It involves hedging to protect against losses, while investment compounding takes care of growth. He also shares a few tricks to identify short term discrepancies in derivatives and mispricing in options for potential money-making opportunities. Watch the full interview to hear Nikhil Kamath speak on why he thinks the share market is overvalued, and what is the outlook for various factors driving the markets. #nikhilkamath Timecodes: 0:00 - Introduction 0:30 - Oracle of markets! 3:35 - Affordable service for ultra rich 7:30 - When market gains, I gain less; but when market falls…! 9:35 - Identifying derivatives discrepancies for arbitrage opportunities 14:05 - Markets overvalued: Nikhil Kamath’s formula 20:33 - Long bear market cycles not ruled out 27:35 - Is a global recession looming? 32:27 - Interest rate outlook 34:44 - Nikhil Kamath’s advice for investors for next 12 months Subscribe to Financial Express: The Financial Express (FE) is a business paper that’s closest to the people who are in the business of business. From business policies to market trends to new developments, The Financial Express comes packed with incisive news on every relevant issue. Connect with us: Facebook: Twitter: Website:


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