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Title:Celebrities' Singing Careers: Millennials & Gen Z Play Hot Or Not?

We compiled some of the most under the radar celebrity singing careers of all time to see if Millennials and Gen Z think it was hot or not! Which career were you most surprised about? Subscribe for more videos every day! Content Featured: Kim Kardashian- Jam (Turn It Up) Paris Hilton-Stars Are Blind Ryan Gosling-In The Room Where You Sleep Djo-Roddy Eddie Murphy ft Michael Jackson-Whatzupwitu Shaquille O'Neal-You Can't Stop The Reign Robert Downey Jr. & Sting- Driven to Tears Scarlett Johansson- Falling Down Bruce Willis- Respect Yourself David Hasselhoff- True Survivor JdGacAapi2tajeZy&index=2&pp=iAQB8AUB REACT’s goal is to credit the original links to the content featured in its shows. If you see incorrect or missing attribution please reach out to Reactors Featured: Angel Jack Brian Erin Martine Austin Producers: Joe Kat Gina Abhishek Jada Raven Check out our instagram stories on video release days to see exclusive behind the scenes footage of this episode! AROUND THE WEB: TIKTOK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE CHANNELS: REACT: PEOPLE VS FOOD: Creative Director - Nicole Iizuka Director of Production – Kevin Lee Line Producer - Anthony Mugnolo Executive Producer - Joe Bereta Episode Produced by Jada Harris Talent Producer - Annie Knudsen Production Coordinator - Julian Steinberg Casting Coordinator - Alexandra Sheffield Studio Manager - Stephen Miller Studio Technician - Micah Fusco Production Assistant - Jake Kelley Set Medic - Mark Kirkendall Editor - "Influx Media (Sanjay, Kishan)" Post Production Supervisor - Doug Brady Thumbnail Graphics - Alison Lowenberg Supervising Editor - Ryan Johnson Assistant Editor - Nick Bianco #music #celebrity #singer Millennials & Gen Z Play Hot Or Not? - Celebrities' Singing Careers! 0:00 Intro 0:20 Kim Kardashian 2:16 Paris Hilton 3:27 Ryan Gosling 6:08 Joe Keery 7:31 Eddie Murphy 9:22 Shaq 11:29 Robert Downey Jr. 13:12 Scarlett Johannson 14:44 Bruce Willis 16:43 David Hasselhoff 18:36 Final Thoughts 18:52 Outro


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