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Title:50+ Easter Eggs In The Cars Movies

Pixar is basically the best there is when it comes to leaving Easter eggs in its films to its previous films, as well as other subtle references for its fans to pick up as they’re watching. If you’re a Pixar fanatic, it’s almost certain that you’ve at least spotted a nod or two in their movies before, or maybe you’re an eagle-eyed Easter egg hunter extraordinaire who’s known for pausing mid-scene to get a closer look at something small in the background or for counting every reference you spot. No matter how good you are at catching subtle references or Pixar in-jokes buried in its movies, it’s almost impossible that you’ve caught every Easter egg in the Cars franchise. Besides Cars 1, 2, and 3, the Cars franchise has also made Cars Toons, as well as the upcoming Disney+ series, Cars on the Road and, most likely, the rumored Cars 4. This franchise is expansive, but beyond that, it also packs its films so full of cheeky references that it’s hard for even the most well-versed Pixar expert to catch everything. From many nods to its previous films that range from right out in the open to well-hidden to Pixar in-jokes and references to its offices and creators, these Easter eggs are all over the map. So, fasten your seatbelts and make sure you adjust your rearview mirror just right; we’re gonna need all the help we can get when it comes to spotting everything that’s hidden in the Cars universe. Subscribe: Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:20 Mad Max: Fury Road 00:39 Pixar Ball 00:52 Mike and Sully 01:03 George Sanderson 01:19 Brave 01:30 Santa Cecilia 01: 53 Coco’s Guitar 02:03 Cinderella’s Carriage 02:22 Gastow’s 02:37 TripleDent Gum 02:52 Bing Bong’s Wagon 02:57 Pizza Planet Truck 03:05 Dinoco Gas 03:23 Lightyear Tires 93;33 Sector 4 Gamma Quadrant 03:50 Nice Butte 04:00 Cutting BLVD 04:12 95 04:30 86 04:40 Apple 04:53 Insuricare 05:10 “The Incredimobiles” 05:24 “Toy Car Story” 05:36 Truck stop references 05:46 Ms. Fritter 05:59 Cone Henge 06:19 Mia and Tia 06:31 Cars Clouds 06:38 Catbus 06:56 A113 07:28 Route 66: The Mother Road 07:51 The Real Mater 08:05 Darrell Walltrip 08: 17 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 08:26 Mario Andretti 08:36 Richard Petty 08:51 Click and Clack 09:04 Luigi’s license plate 09:20 Sarge’s License Plate 09:32 McQueen 09:43 ‘Up’ Tires 09:58 BNL 10:06 Emeryville 10:18 Pixar Studios 10:32 Larry the Cable Guy 10:42 George Carlin 10:59 John Ratzenberger 11:32 John and Nancy 11:41 For the Birds 11:57 Boundin’ 12:17 Finn McMissile 12:46 Lightning McQueen’s Tongue 13:14 Car’s eyes 13:49 Cadillac Range 14:13 Wigwam Motels 14:28 Outro Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: For more videos and articles visit: Written by: Lauren Waters Narrated by: Curt Turner Edited by: Eduardo García For copyright matters please contact us at:


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