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Title:AWS EMR Serverless - What is it? [FULL TUTORIAL in 25mins]

ℹ️ 📁 ☕ 📹 (AWS Youtube Video EMR Serverless) 00:37 - What is EMR Serverless? Part 1 00:58 - What is EMR? 01:34 - What is EMR Serverless? Part 2 02:30 - EMR Vs EMR Serverless 03:21 - Glue Vs EMR Serverless 04:40 - Tutorial: Setup Work 13:52 - Tutorial: Create EMR Studio 17:02 - Tutorial: Create Spark App 19:20 - Tutorial: Create Hive App In this video we take a look AWS EMR Serverless which is a new service from AWS that allows users to run Spark and Hive applications on demand. EMR Serverless removes the barriers to entry of EMR as a user no longer has to manage the underlying infrastructure that comes with EMR. We compare EMR Serverless to AWS EMR and AWS Glue. Then we create are own Spark and Hive apps on the AWS Console with a full tutorial. 😎 About me I have spent the last decade being immersed in the world of big data working as a consultant for some the globe's biggest companies.My journey into the world of data was not the most conventional. I started my career working as performance analyst in professional sport at the top level's of both rugby and football. I then transitioned into a career in data and computing. This journey culminated in the study of a Masters degree in Software


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