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Title:Back to basics with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) - part 1

Let's kick off our series of live streams in 2024 with something that's been much requested - a back to basics series on CAP with Node.js! See for all resource links. *Summary* Made with HARPA AI - [03:40]( 🎉 Introduction to the live stream in 2024 - DJ Adams welcomes viewers to the first live stream of 2024. - He acknowledges the audience and talks about his recent flu. - DJ Adams introduces his new location, a narrow boat, and shows the setup. - [07:54]( 📺 Overview of the series and setup for local development - DJ Adams discusses the new series focusing on SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP). - He explains the goal of going back to basics and helping viewers understand CAP. - DJ Adams outlines the minimal requirements for following along, which are VS Code and a container engine. - [27:35]( 🤖 Difference between a service and an app in CAP: - Understanding the distinction between services and apps in CAP. - [28:06]( 🛡️ Installing necessary development tools for CAP: - Installing curl, git, and SQL light 3, essential tools for CAP development. - [28:52]( 💼 Introduction to npm and SAP npm packages: - Explaining npm as a package manager for Node.js and SAP npm packages for CAP development. - [29:34]( 🚀 Difference between SAP CDs and SAP CDs DK: - Distinguishing between SAP CDs (runtime) and SAP CDs DK (development kit) for CAP development. - [30:14]( 🌐 Overview of CAP development hierarchy: - Exploring the hierarchy of CAP development folders: app, serve, and DB. - [31:10]( 📦 SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) packages: - Understanding the purpose of SAP CAP packages for runtime and development. - [32:08]( 🔄 The role of npm packages in CAP development: - Highlighting the significance of npm packages for CAP development. - [33:41]( 🔌 Exposing Port 404 for CAP development: - Explaining the importance of exposing Port 404 for accessing CAP applications locally. - [47:29]( 🧰 Setting up CAP development environment in VS Code: - Demonstrating how to set up a CAP development environment using VS Code and Dev Containers. - [49:25]( 🚀 Installing development tools in the container: - Highlighting the installation of essential development tools inside the Dev Container for CAP development. - [50:36]( 🛠️ Setting up a development environment in a container. - Docker container setup with CAP and Node.js. - Exploring packages installed in the container. - Introduction to CD SDK. - [52:12]( 🧙‍♂️ The power of CAP with the CDs command line tool. - Explanation of using the CDs command line tool. - CAP development capabilities at your fingertips. - The benefits of a consistent development environment in a container. - [54:53]( 📚 Back to basics with CAP - Multi-episode series. - Announcing a multi-episode series on CAP. - Exploring the basics of CAP together. - Encouraging viewer participation in learning CAP.


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