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Title:One Simple Technique to Last Longer in Bed Tonight

Here's a simple technique to last longer that you can use tonight: move really, really slow for the first 10 minutes. AND - if you want to truly control your ejaculations, check out my FREE guide: And if you want to learn the art of multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms, I created a 5-week course all about it: HERE'S WHY GOING SLOW WORKS: There's a threshold for most men around the 10-minute mark, and once you cross this threshold, lasting longer becomes much easier. ***** When you go for 10 minutes without ejaculating, you're telling your body and physiology that ejaculation isn't the goal. ***** I know it sounds too simple, but try it before you knock it. The first 10 minutes of sex are CRUCIAL for overcoming premature ejaculation, and setting the foundation to last as long as you want. YOUR BODY NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THIS Not just your mind. We're programmed to ejaculate quickly for the sake of procreation. I'll say it again, your body needs to understand that this is not the goal. Your body needs to understand that that lasting longer IS the point. To take it deeper, your system needs to understand that sustained pleasure is the point. Again... Once you make it past that 10-minute threshold to the point where your body understands, it becomes MUCH easier to last as long as you want. This happened to me last night. I hadn't had sex in 3 months... so you could say I was a bit out of practice... Because of this, I was more sensitive than usual, and when we began having penetrative sex, I felt myself approaching the ejaculation danger area (nearing the point of no return) relatively quickly. So we slowed down, breathed together and focused on sensual connection more than on physical pleasure. Somewhere around the 10-minute mark, I crossed that threshold, and then all of the other techniques to last longer I've been practicing for years became effective. Those techniques aren't as effective in the first few minutes... It's like warming up for a race. You wouldn't just dive right in without stretching first. You need to warm up and ease in so you can build up to your full potential. Know what I mean? Let me know if this works for you! 21-DAY SEMEN RETENTION CHALLENGE DISCOUNT LINK: ORGASMIC MASTERY COURSE LINK: JOIN ME ON INSTAGRAM:


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