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Title:TALK: How to Accelerate your career with Open Source

You know how passionate I am about how Open Source can help you accelerate your career, so that you can get the job and money you want! By popular request, here is a video of a talk I gave on this topic at a conference in London. Get started with Open Source in 10mins ## LEARN MORE JOIN our inclusive open source community EddieHub now for FREE ..., also checkout my website and sign up to our community NEWSLETTER... for my live stream + video schedule and community calls Also join our community GitHub organisation by creating an issue with the type "invite me to the organisation" :) I now have a 2nd YouTube channel for short video clips of 60s or less, subscribe ... ## SERVICES I USE AND RECOMMEND Some of these might be affiliate links, no extra cost you to, but I get a little $ if you sign up, plus you might get a discount too - Live streaming with Streamyard - Cloud hosting with Digital Ocean, you will get $100 FREE credit - Membership, Newsletters, CRM all in one with Kartra - Awesome backup platform, BackBlaze - Descript for video editing, audiograms and transcription - Riverside online recording studio for the best quality ## COMMUNITY SPONSORS A BIG thank you to my GitHub Sponsors: *** DailyDotDev Emma Wain *** - Yona - Santosh Yadav ## FIND ME ON OTHER SOCIAL PLATFORMS Don’t forget to support my channel by subscribing below, it’s free, and also share with your friends. Subscribe now!! Follow on other socials for behind the scenes footage, join discord to continue the conversation... TALK: How to Accelerate your career with Open Source


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