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Title:Two Feet - Momentum Ep

👣 Two Feet’s debut EP might be called, “First Steps,” but since uploading that first track online, he’s certainly leapt of his friends couch and hit the ground running with Momentum. ● Download his Momentum EP here: ● Songs: 0:00 Two Feet - Love Is A Bitch 3:00 Two Feet - Your Mother Was Cheaper 5:32 Two Feet - Had Some Drinks 7:53 Two Feet - Twisted "I named the EP “MOMENTUM” because it’s a representation of where I’m at in my life. The songs I wrote on my first EP were spontaneous, and I hadn’t really thought out a whole vision for my project. It was kind of a photograph of my musical inspirations at the time. People took notice and when I went back to write material for the follow up, it was a challenge I had never had faced before…the idea that people were going to be anticipating and really analyzing my art. I wrote most of the EP during SXSW and my first tour ever (with JAIN), so I was able to test out early versions of the songs to a live audience and have fun with them (I would frequently improvise lyrics to the new songs). When I’m writing – I put my own personal feelings into the music – but I want people to listen to it within their own context, and apply the lyrics/feelings to their own situations. I love how music can be made for the masses but at the same time be really personal." - Two Feet ● Follow Two Feet: Photo by Unknown (If you know the name of the artist please comment) ----------------------------------------­­­­------------------------------------------ WANDERLUST - Not All Who Wander Are Lost ● Subscribe: ● Wanderlust merch: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: ● Spotify: ● SoundCloud: ----------------------------------------­­­­------------------------------------------ Similar songs on our Dream | Chill Playlist 〱Explore | House Playlist ( 〱Dream | Chill Playlist ( 〱Discover | Electronic Playlist( ----------------------------------------­­­­------------------------------------------ FAQs: - Can I use your song in my video? check the ultimate guide ► - Where can I see all the photos? you can find many Wanderlust photos from past uploads here ► For any issues or business enquiries: ----------------------------------------­­­­------------------------------------------ #TWOFEET #MUSIC #WANDERLUST


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