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Title:ASMR 시원함 주의! 엄청난 초거대 왕건이가 쏙~ 귀지 제거 | 귀청소 | Oddly Satisfying Massive Earwax Removal | Ear cleaning

*** This is not the case of normal earwax, but the removal of very large and hard earwax that can cause hearing loss. The treatment shown in the video must be received at a specialized place after sufficient consultation with a specialist. As I try to express it in an animation, there are some parts that are simple or exaggerated. Please take note and thank you for your understanding 😥*** Hello, this is Smile Bam 😊 This video is the most requested earwax removal video in the comments 🙏🙏🙏 I also occasionally removed the inside of the ear with a cotton swab because it was itchy. In fact, ear cleaning is not necessary and should be taken care of as earwax can go further inside and cause various problems! Oh, and if you look at the comments, sometimes people who are experiencing it directly leave comments. I couldn't be more proud when I saw an article saying that they were satisfied with our video! I hope this video also gives you a little bit of vicarious satisfaction! Not only that, I hope you have a refreshing experience with a video of a day that was frustrating watching our video! 😀 Then thank you for visiting Smile Bam today, and every time you subscribe or leave a comment, it gives me a lot of strength #ASMR #Treatment


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