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Title:Melodic Death Metal 2022 Q3

Please support me on my Patreon Page - A mixture of Melodic Death Metal, Atmospheric Metal, Melodeath, Doom Metal, Metalcore, Folk Metal, Deathcore, Blackened Death Metal, Viking Metal, Technical and Industrial. **Tracks will NOT be complete as I believe you should support the artists by purchasing their music.** Tracks may not be new to you, or released in the year or period of the video title, that I find them. This is all about sharing music I've found in the period I've released the video for. Hopefully you may stumble across something you have not heard before, or enjoy again something you have already heard. I do not hold any copyright to the music I put up here. If you are an artist and want your track removed, I am happy to do so on your request. I receive no monetization from this channel. As with other channels of this nature, I simply want to promote what I believe are great examples of the genre. Enjoy! **EDIT: I have had to remove a track from this release due to copyright claim: Asterean - Cosmorama - Once in A Dream Please check it out independently as it is a worthy track...... ** Time - Artist - Album - Song Name 00:00:00 - Decaptacon - For Those Who Died - For Those Who Died 00:05:34 - Terrormight - A Moment - Slight Misconception 00:09:58 - Ulfdallir - Son of Odin (re​-​recorded 2017) (Single) 00:13:21 - Eternally Scarred - Echoes From Beneath - Brothers In Arms 00:17:36 - Wrath Of Fenrir - The Dead Of Winter - Ymir's Destruction 00:22:09 The Void's Embrace - Dawn of a Stillborn Sun - Until the Night Will Fade 00:26:53 Foothills - Ingress - Crow Keeper 00:30:47 Thousand Eyes - Betrayer - Garden Of Thorns 00:35:47 The Interbeing - Icon of the Hopeless - Black Halo 00:39:24 Inborn Suffering - Wordless Hope - Original Alternate Version - The Agony Within 00:46:05 Aborrecido - Pacto de Fuego EP - Ecos 00:50:18 On Thorns I Lay - Threnos - The Song of Sirens 00:56:40 Wine From Tears - I'm Fine - Whales Swim Up death metal doom death metal metal goth melodic death metal Athens metal atmospheric death metal doom death doom metal melodic death metal Paris death metal doom doom metal melodic death metal metal Yerevan black metal death metal hardcore metal hardcore melodic death metal melodic death metal. Mexico death metal epic melodic death metal heavy metal. melodic death metal metal rock heavy metal heavy rock melodic death metal São Paulo death metal metal blackened melodic death metal heavy metal melodic blackened death metal melodic death metal Gelsenkirchen industrial metal metal technical metal cyber metal melodic death metal metalcore Copenhagen death metal mdm melodic death metal metal Lünen viking folk metal metal symphonic melodic death metal melodic death metal viking metal Australia death metal deathcore jazz death meta melodic death metal Japan metal doom death doom metal gothic doom melodic death metal melodic doom metal Samara black metal metal metalcore doom metal melodic death metal Australia metal melodic death metal swedish melodic death metal South Korea metal melodic death metal viking death metal viking metal Moscow


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