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Title:Abandoned Honda 400EX saved after sitting for DECADES in pieces

Abandoned Honda 400EX saved after sitting for DECADES in pieces #4stroke #honda #restoration Hey guys, this is a 1999 Honda 400EX that I bought for 500 bucks. It was torn down and left in a barn for decades. The history is unknown, it was bought in an estate sale along with multiple other machines. I put a ton of time into this design, build and production but it was definitely worth it! Consider subscribing for more content like this! PARTS AND TOOLS IN THIS VIDEO - (These links may be affiliate links that I get a kick back for; there is no added cost to you) Shock Reservoir Clamps - Parts Washer - Skid Plates - Stage 3 Hotcam Kit With KB Valves – HD Cylinder Studs - 426 Kit – 426 Kit w/ Cam - Ported Head – Kibble White Valves – HD Timing Chain – Clutch Cable – Throttle Cable – HMF Exhaust – Tusk Competition Clutch – SS Bolt Kit – Replica Carb – Red Carb Lines – Battery – All OEM Parts – ASV F4 Levers – AC Bumper – Graphics – Clutch Holding Tool – Milwaukee Small Impact – Milwaukee Large Impact – Anti-Seize – Assembly Lube – Red Loctite – Blue Loctite – Benol – Torque Wrench – OEM Style Intake Boot – Pro Taper Bars (ATV Mid Bend) – ITP Rear Tires – ITP Front Tires - Swingarm Rebuild Kit – Billet Carrier – Pro Linkage – Contact @3rdaxis01 on Instagram Anti-Fade – Extended Axle – Billet Gas Cap – DRW Case Saver – SPONSORS/COMPANIES I TRUST BP Racing - Rocky Mountain ATV MC – DRW Performance - AP3 Racing - Lion Parts – Rocket Ron - MERCH - If you enjoyed, please comment, like, share and subscribe! Add me on Instagram @michaelsabo350 for Channel Updates! Thank you for watching! Save money with my Discount Codes! use code SABO10 for 10% off use code SABO10 for 10% off use code SABO15 for 15% off use code SABO for free SS Brake Lines when you order a arms use code SABO20 for 20% off Equipment I use! Wireless Mic - Tripod - Tripod Phone Mount - Phone Gimble - GoPro Hero 7 Black - Video Editing - Thumbnail Editing - Companies and Sponsors please contact: I own the license to use any and all music in this video.


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